5 TV Comedies You Really Should Have Watched

5. Happy Endings


Oh my, what a great show this was! Everything about this show was perfect. There wasn€™t a single episode in the series that didn€™t have my crying of laughter. The cast was so excellent in this show. Yeah, I think Damon Wayans Jr. would have been a great fit on New Girl but this show was so funny that I didn€™t want to see him leave! The three seasons we got of this show comprised some of my favorite sitcom episodes ever. The show was a laugh-a-minute type of show. Every single minute there would be one joke that would you have rolling. The show did a great job of not only giving each character great lines and great jokes, but also having a few running storylines throughout the series. For those that don€™t know, the series is about Dave & Alex. These two were going to get married until Alex became a runaway bride. The show shows them each trying to balance their lives with the same group of friends. That is the description for the show. It doesn€™t sound that original and it doesn€™t sound that funny but it is! Without a doubt, Happy Endings is going to be the sitcom I miss most next year. The cancellation of this show hit me like a death in the family. A great, great show that deserved a long, long run.