5 TV Shows That Totally Outstayed Their Welcome

Two-and-a-Half-Men-season-9 Sometimes a TV show can drag on for years, milking all the money they can out of the show before it becomes universally hated. Some writers are smart and end their shows whilst they are still loved and the quality is of a high standard. Some don't, unfortunately. Let me give you an example: your lead actor has a meltdown and throws the whole show into jeopardy. You should probably end the show there and then right? Well, if you're behind Two And A Half Men, no. Who cares about continuity and quality, let's just hire someone else and fill in the blanks afterwards. That's not a good idea. At all. Sure, it'll give you some fresh storylines for a bit, but the essence of the show is gone. I'll get into that a bit later, but there are other shows guilty of this crime. Some are still ongoing, some were cancelled as the networks and writers realised how poor the new batch of episodes were that they tainted the memory of the rest of the series. It's not a great situation to be in. Here are 5 TV Shows That Outstayed Their Welcome...

5. Scrubs

scrubs Scrubs could have continued for longer than it did, but it was cancelled. And should have been left alone to bask in the memories of its fan base. Instead, it was revived. But this time, a large majority of the main cast left and we were left with some weird hybrid of a spin off. I mean all of the new characters were essentially shells of the shows former stars, and whenever Zach Braff turned up on screen, he out shined all of the newbies. Originally, Scrubs was all tied up with a nice, shiny gift wrap and bow. I won€™t lie, the eighth season (and true) finale was emotional. It felt right. There was absolutely no need to try and prolong the series after it came to its original close. The eighth season was a decline in quality anyway, why did anyone think it would retain the same popularity it had with 80% of its original cast playing guest roles? And don€™t even get me started on "Scrubs: Med School".
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