50 Greatest Sitcom Characters Of All Time

45. Clegg- Last Of The Summer Wine

clegg Clegg is a typically pessimistic old man with a dry sense of humor. He wants to spend his retirement in peace but often finds himself involved in the schemes of his friends. He is the only character out of the three who has a driving license, so often finds himself driving the others about which leads to him having panic attacks which causes him to fumble with the gears and driving at three miles per hour. Clegg also has the honor of appearing in every episode of the sitcom throughout its run.

44. Tony- Men Behaving Badly

menbehaving Tony is introduced in series two as the good looking flatmate of Gary. He is head over heels for the "blonde babe upstairs," Debroah. He comes across as even more childish than Gary and drifts from job to job, failing to pay his rent month after month. Just like Gary, Tony enjoys nothing more than beer and enjoying eternal childhood.

43. René Artois- 'Allo 'Allo

allo allo René is the owner of the café in Nazi occupied France. He tries to remain impartial to the war but sees himself getting dragged into it on both sides, the Germans want him to hide stolen paintings and the French Resistance is using it as a base for injured British Airmen. To make matters worse, he has to try and keep his affairs with the café serving girls a secret from his wife.

42. Wilberforce Humphries- Are You Being Served?

are you being served Wilberforce is the junior menswear assistant in the department store, Grace Brothers. He is known for his mincing walk and high pitched voice. His camp nature often is used to set up a lot of the comedy and one liners in the show. Some of these jokes result in putting Wliberforce in various heterosexual situations

41. Arthur Spooner- King of Queens

aruthur Arthur is the widowed father of Carrie and lives in the basement of her and Doug's house- after accidentally burning down his uninsured house. He is the oddball of the house, often spouting random outbursts and antagonizing everyone around him with often comical results.To get him out of the house, Carrie has employed a local dog walker to take him out.
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