50 Greatest Sitcom Characters Of All Time

40. Karen Walker- Will & Grace

karen Karen was originally conceived as a supporting character for the show, but her role became more prominent due to positive fan feedback. Her popularity in the series came from her condescending manner to her employees and friends, along with her one liners. She also "works" as Grace's assistant, boosting Grace's business through her many social contacts.

39. Smithy- Gavin & Stacey

smithy Smithy is Gavin's oldest friend having known him from primary school. He loves Gavin's parents more than his own. He's a typical guy who loves West Ham United, beer and paintball. He also has an unseen girlfriend called Lucy who, according to Smithy- is seventeen and three quarters.

38. George-Michael Bluth - Arrested Development

Geoprge Michael Bluth George Michael is the son of Michael Bluth and works at the family's frozen banana stand- where he has dubbed himself as Mr Manager. He develops a crush on his cousin Maeby after she forcefully kisses him to teach their parents a lesson for not letting them spend enough time together. His awkwardness and emotional conflict ends up being one of his recurring themes and the two of them end up getting accidently married during the course of season three.

37. Kramer- Sienfeld

kramer Jerry's eccentric neighbor with his trademarks being his huge hair, vintage clothing and bursts of energy. He appears naive sometimes yet shows a great insight into people's behavior. He has yet to hold a job but often comes up with schemes that usually work for a while then fail, such as inventing a bra for men.

36. Cliff Claven - Cheers

Cliff Claven Long before he was employed as Pixar's lucky charm, John Ratzenberger was entertaining us all as the pompous buffoon who propped up the end of the bar in Cheers alongside his partner in drinking, Norm. He was a tragic sort, blissfully unaware of his effect on other people, and Ratzenberger's exceptional comic performance made Cliff the stand-out on that show - even more so than Frasier, who ended up getting his own spin-off.
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