6 Beloved TV Characters Who Are Clearly Going To Prison (If They Are Ever Caught)

6. Defendant: Howard Wolowitz

Charge: Destruction Of NASA property

Howard Joel Wolowitz, Mechanical Engineer at Caltech's Department of Applied Physics was a member of the Mars Rover project in 2010. During his time, Mr Wolowitz mis-used his position, causing irreparable damage to the Mars Rover by crashing it into a ditch. Rather than own up to the problem, Mr Wolowitz attempted to cover up his involvement by erasing hard drives in order to destroy all the files connecting him to the incident. The Lizard-Spock Expansion is a great little episode from the second season of The Big Bang Theory. Watching Howard and his friends desperately try to cover up the damage he caused to the Mars Rover was hilarious, more so because he inadvertently destroyed the one and only evidence confirming life on Mars! But for poor Howard, there is a far darker side to this comic tale. If you consider his actions from the point of view of NASA. He damaged millions of dollars worth of scientific equipment and destroyed data to cover it up. The charges against Howard would no doubt send him to prison for many, many years...

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