6 Best Moments From Game of Thrones Season 2

Let’s have a look at what the six best moments were...

Season two of HBO€™s amazing fantasy series Game of Thrones has wrapped. It was a season of great successes with some of the best TV we€™ve seen in a long time! Let€™s have a look at what the six best moments were...

6. Theon Sprinting Across The Moral Event Horizon

Poor, stupid Theon Greyjoy. Stuck in such an impossible situation. His father, who basically abandoned him, bitches at him for not acting like a proper member of the family, and the people who actually treated him like part of their family now stand in the way of his father€™s grab for power. It€™s a tough spot to be in, and a greater man would have found a way to deal with it correctly. Sadly, Theon doesn€™t. From the moment he takes Winterfell until the moment he€™s clubbed over the head by his own men, Theon makes bad choice after bad choice, and eventually crosses the moral event horizon by having two innocent children burned to death in order to make people think he captured and killed Bran and Rickon. There were so many times, right up to the very end, where Theon could have made other, different, better choices that would have taken him back from the brink, but at the end of the day, while he€™s not nearly as bad as Joffrey, he€™s become a villain through and through.

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