6 Ways Daredevil Could Return In The MCU

"...the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel."

Daredevil Season 3 Matt Murdock Funeral

Daredevil is no more. After three, critically lauded seasons of television, the first of Netflix's Marvel shows fell to the chopping block last Friday, sealing the fate of Jessica Jones and Punisher and proving, once and for all, that we aren't actually allowed good things, and that Matt Murdock was too pure for this world.

It's the nature of the beast, sadly, and while the reasons for Daredevil's cancellation are both myriad and frustrating, there may be a chance the Man without Fear could return to the MCU in one way or another. It's a slim one, granted, but out of all the Marvel heroes once present on the streaming giant's platform, Matt Murdock was by far the most famous - there's just no way he's gone for good.

The character's permanence was even acknowledged by Netflix after they announced the show wouldn't be returning for a fourth season, stating to Deadline that, although the series was now gone, "the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel." These sentiments were later echoed by the House of Ideas itself, who bookended their own statement on the show's cancellation by saying that they "look forward to more adventures with the Man without Fear in the future," - although what form those adventures will take is currently anyone's guess.

So yes, everything still very much sucks, but Daredevil fans should take solace in the fact that the door's still open for Matt, Karen and Foggy to return in one way or another. Here are but a few of the ways in which it could happen.

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