7 Actors Who Hated Being On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead can be as frustrating to work on as it is to watch.

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The Walking Dead is a true cultural juggernaut.

The long-running horror show has been going on for 10 seasons, and thusly, has had a massive cast of characters who we've met, ranging from huge movie stars like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, to new and future stars like Chandler Riggs.

But with a huge cast and a long tenure, it does come with the caveat that not everybody would have the best time on set. Some were unhappy with behind-the-scenes decisions, some didn't like where their character ended up, and one actor in particular has a rough time constantly because of their role.

Though cast members do get along, and many are outspoken with how much they loved being on the show, it must be looked at objectively to understand their negative experiences and where they stemmed from before giving it a clean grade for worker satisfaction.

It's the long-running horror show we all love, but let's examine the cases of 7 Actors Who Hated Being On The Walking Dead.

7. Laurie Holden - Andrea Harrison

Jesus The Walking Dead

For fans of the comics, the changes made to Andrea were extremely questionable.

Andrea went from a character who struggled mentally after her sister's death, to one of the strongest survivors in the show. Fans noted that her character development was good, and many expected her to have a long life and ultimately end up together with Rick, as that is what happened in the comics.

Instead, she was rescued by The Governor, and became his girlfriend, quickly becoming the most hated character on screen aside from the maniacal leader himself. She met her demise at his hand, when she was essentially fed to a zombified Milton at the end of Season 3. Her later interactions in the comics were then given to Sasha and Michonne.

Actor Laurie Holden has spoke about this decision at the Walker Stalker Convention, stating that she received a call from then showrunner Glen Mazzara at around 10pm the night before they were to shoot that episode regarding her death.

This came without warning or precedent, as she apparently had an 8-year deal with the show. She was meant to end up with Rick, and save Woodbury on a horse. The actress was also buying a house in Atlanta near the filming location as well.

It's pretty easy to see why she hated how things turned out, anyone given a contract of that length only to be dismissed prematurely would be annoyed as well.


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