7 Anime Perfect For Halloween

Readers beware, you're in for a lovely anime fright, just in time for Halloween.


There's nothing like celebrating Halloween with a good anime that'll leave you too scared to even blink. With horror body, psychological and even comedic in nature, at least one of these shows are sure to be on your catalog when looking for something to watch at the end of October.

If you're looking for something family friendly, you're looking at the wrong list. Readers discretion is advised: please fasten your safety belts, and get ready to make this year the spookiest anime filled Halloween yet.

7. Ghosts Stories


Starting off light, this 21-episode series is exactly what the name suggests, full of spooky ghosts and various hauntings. Although the original Japanese version involves an average story-line about exorcising ghosts that have been awoken due to the urbanization of the area, it’s the English translation that gave the series a cult following.

Replacing the sub-par scares with outrageous comedy, the series constantly breaks the fourth wall in fun and often random ways. In order to avoid having a stereotypical and forgettable cast, they decided to add more depth than the original script. Including but not limited to: the born-again Evangelical Christian Momoko, the prepubescent pervert Hajime and the nerdy Leo, who also happens to be Jewish. The interactions with Momoko constantly trying to convert the other casts, especially Leo, is always sure to bring in a few laughs.

Profane, crass, and full of humor, it takes the basic premise of various horror movies and lampoons them without so much as a second thought. A great way to have a laugh while also being in the Halloween spirit, Ghost Stories promises to deliver that in spades.


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