7 Best YA Novels Adapted Into Hit TV Shows

A look at some of the best TV adaptations of much-loved young adult novels.


The future is bright for young adult television, with adaptations of two modern-day classic book series on their way. Amazon is currently promoting its upcoming Alex Rider series, based on the best-selling spy novels by Anthony Horowitz, recently announcing that it will drop on its Prime Video platform on 4 June. Meanwhile, author Rick Riordan, the 'Myth Master', confirmed on 15 May that a new Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is going to be adapted for Disney+.

Both books have previously been made into films, but in both cases the franchises were cut short by mediocre box office performances and underwhelming audience responses. However, the millions who have fallen in love with the characters and stories on the page - as well as the studios backing them, of course - will be hoping that they will be done justice on the small screen.

There have been plenty of haphazard efforts, but many other teen novels have made successful transitions to TV, especially since the start of the streaming era. Here, we explore some of the finest examples, from fantasy adventures to romantic thrillers.


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