7 Cancelled TV Shows That Deserve A Kickstarter Project

7. Human Target (2010)

humantarget There have been many shows that have been cancelled that were good, but never became smash hits causing them to fall by the wayside. Human Target should not have been included as one of those shows. Modern audiences usually enjoy a show about a know-it-all badass who uses his charms and skills to take down bad guys (Burn Notice, The Mentalist, Person of Interest, etc). The show was based on the DC comic of the same name and starred Mark Valley as Christopher Chance, a professional bodyguard who pretends to be his clients in order to draw out possible threats. He works with Winston (Chi McBride), a retired police detective who runs the company and acts as backup support. Chance also works with Guerrero (Watchmen€™s Jackie Earle Haley), a former gangster and computer expert. With thier help, Chance becomes a Macgyver for a new generation, using his highly specialized skills to take down threats. Human Target was very suspenseful and contained impressive acting from a terrific cast. The show ran on Fox from 2010-2011 and only lasted 25 episodes. The show was action packed and although it was in a primetime slot on a basic cable network, it didn€™t become a great success. Nevertheless, Human Target can still find new life through different means. Streaming websites such as Hulu or Netlfix could start exclusively producing new episodes or crowd funding though Kickstarter can guarantee the fans of the show to put their own money to seeing new episodes or perhaps a feature film. Human Target has only been off the air for two years, and with its extensive back catalog of comic book issues to inspire new episodes, the adventures of Christopher Chance could continue in some way.

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