7 Game Of Thrones Relationships We're Still Waiting For

We've seen a lot of ships in the past few episodes, but not the kind we're really looking for.


Now that everyone's dreams have been fulfilled and Westeros' most adorable couple has finally hooked up (we refer, of course, to the human cinnamon rolls Missandei and Grey Worm), we can all shift our focus to the other pairings that we've all been desperate to see.

There is, however, reason to be cautious. Happiness is sort of a fleeting concept in the George R.R. Martin universe, and speaking generally, the best way to tell that someone's about to die is when they finally seem to get what they want.

Also, there's a pretty big trend towards couples and family members being moved around the chessboard with a tragic irony where they always seem to just miss the person they would most like to see.

But even though happiness and love are often the closest thing to death sentence, that doesn't stop Game of Thrones viewers from desperately rooting for the couples they'd like to see end up together. And in a world where there is so much misery, it makes total sense that we would want the characters we love to experience some level of happiness before their inevitably gruesome death.


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