7 Gut-Wrenching TV Betrayals

7. Sons Of Anarchy- Stahl Kills Her Girlfriend

In a show like Sons of Anarchy there are a lot of betrayals that I could choose from, but I have chosen the one that unsettled me the most. We already knew that Agent Stahl was cutthroat in her career ambitions; her desire to bring down the Sons had cost Donna Winston her life but it was impossible to comprehend just how far she was willing to go. In the third season we saw her personally murder someone for the first time, we could tell that she was beginning to lose her grip.

Having killed Edmond Hayes in anger, Stahl proceeded to frame Gemma for the crime. However the agent's desire to bring down SAMCRO got the better of her again. Having made a deal with Jax to exonerate Gemma, she was in need of another scapegoat and decided to use her own girlfriend. From what we saw of Agent Tyler she seemed to trust Stahl implicitly, they worked together and lived together, making the betrayal all the more painful to watch. Unlike the killing of Edmond which was done in anger, this was cold and calculating.

The most disturbing thing of all was still to come, as we would later see Stahl reach over for Tyler in their now half empty bed. This showed that she actually did love her girlfriend, but still chose to kill her and brand her a murderer. We knew that Stahl had no remorse for harm that came to those involved with the Sons, but this was the revelation of how evil she really was. I for one was more than happy to see her get what she deserved.


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