7 Late Introduced TV Characters Who Totally Stole The Show

The Best Was Yet To Come.


Sometimes a TV series just needs somebody more, somebody that may not be a main character but somebody that really adds to the ambience of the show. First seasons are always a building block a rock for the show to establish itself and push off of, because of that sometimes the best characters don't always arrive until later seasons.

So many shows have had characters introduced after the first season that completely changed the way that the audience interacted or saw the show, not all of them in a good way either.

Some shows have huge first seasons only to falter at the second hurdle because they tried too much too soon. However, on other occasions the gentle building up of a series, the brick by brick approach that eventually ends up a skyscraper, really connects with fans and gives a myriad of fresh characters to chew upon and see who survives the 'fan test'. Who is popular and who isn't.

Well, we have looked over some of our favourite series and picked out the ones we thought were the best late additions to great shows.


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