7 Times The Arrowverse Missed The Mark

6. Killing The Justice Society Of America

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I don’t know what DC TV’s problem is, but they just love killing off the JSA. In Smallville, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Stargirl, the Justice Society of America have been picked off one by one to make way for the heroes of the future.

Stargirl’s Pat Dugan has a lot on his plate training four kids in using their new powers, so what if the writers of the show got it wrong? Having the rest of the society there could have given Stargirl’s team further teachers to help harness their powers, rather than the show having its youngster master their abilities a tad too quickly.

Rick, aka Hour-Man, would have to learn to utilise his super strength only when he really needed it, and Beth Chapel would have to be taught that too much information isn’t always a good thing. Making the JSA be the ones to teach these lessons would have been a great way to honour the past while likewise respecting the future.

Earth-1’s JSA shouldn’t have been killed off in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, either. Instead, this incarnation of the Justice Society should have stuck around and told stories to the heroes. Case in point: one of the most interesting things about Season Two of Legends of Tomorrow was when Nate Heywood talked about his grandfather.

Utilising the Justice Society of America better would have given a further sense of background and history to the Arrowverse.

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