7 TV Shows With Disappointing Second Seasons

7. The Affair


Season 1 of The Affair provided a slow burn, character-driven drama split between the differing perspectives of its leads. Season 2 provided a scandalous melodrama of paternity tests, a questionable end twist to the central murder mystery, arson, super storms and that awkward moment where Noah accidentally enjoyed watching his daughter get off with someone in a jacuzzi.

For all the twists and turns of its overwhelmingly plotted sophomore outing, The Affair wound up feeling disappointing rather than thrilling. Losing track of the he-said, she-said appeal of its debut, The Affair’s high quality drama aspirations quickly devolved into pulpy soap opera.

Rather than continuing to focus on the individual nature of experience and memory, Season 2 grows lost in trying to wow the audience with some semblance of a definitive truth.

Additional issues can be found in the presentation of Noah’s smash hit novel, Descent. At various points throughout Season 2, Noah is regarded as a breakout literary genius. This concept is undercut every time we hear a reading from it including the cumbersomely worded, “She was sex - the very definition of it, the reason the word was invented. No marriage, no matter how strong, could survive her.”

Not exactly Philip Roth is he?


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