7 TV Shows With Disappointing Second Seasons

5. Lost

true detective

Notoriously complicated, Lost never set out to be simple to follow. This quality was either a blessing or a curse to the series depending on who you ask. All the same, Season 2 of the noughties smash hit ultimately turns into a rather frustrating viewing experience.

Picking up from one of the all time great TV cliffhangers at the end of Season 1, the series opened with more mysteries and more questions. That may sound great and all but there was just one problem: the writers hadn’t answered anything from the first batch of episodes yet either.

Season 2 also introduced a whole host of new characters: survivors from the tail end of the plane. While many of these characters were great additions to the cast with compelling stories of their own, much of the series felt like it wasn’t going anywhere constructive anytime soon.

Alienating a sizeable portion of its gigantic audience, Lost would eventually provide most of the answers fans had longed for for years. Sadly by that time, many of those who struggled with Season 2 had given up on it entirely.


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