7 TV Villains Secretly Introduced Way Earlier Than You Realise

6. Culverton Smith - Sherlock

Mindhunter Wayne Williams

The second episode of Sherlock's fourth season, "The Lying Detective," sees Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) facing off against the Jimmy Saville-esque entrepreneur-turned-serial killer Culverton Smith (Toby Jones).

But keen-eyed Sherlock fans who kept their eyes peeled in the previous episode, "The Six Thatchers," might've notice a fleeting glimpse of Toby Jones' distinctive mug on a bus stop poster when Watson (Martin Freeman) hops off a bus.

It's genius in its own way because Toby Jones isn't quite famous enough where general audiences will immediately notice his face, but if you are aware of the actor and notice the poster, it's an intriguingly subtle introduction to a character whose slimy disingenuous seems evident from the very image alone.

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