7 TV Villains That Became The Most Interesting Characters In The Show

7. JR Ewing - Dallas

Jr Ewing We may as well start with what could be the ultimate TV villain- JR Ewing. JR terrorised anybody that dared get in his way for fourteen years of the original Dallas, as well as a brief but fitting run in the 2012 revival. Dallas first began with a miniseries first season in 1978, in which JR was a supporting character. The show was originally devised as a starring vehicle for Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principal, who played JR€™s younger brother Bobby and his love interest Pam respectively. Bobby and Pam were introduced as star crossed lovers who had to fight against the disapproval of their families, the long warring Barnes and Ewings. When viewing the miniseries one thing is very clear- Duffy and Principal are very capable in their roles- had the show carried on with its original intention it may well have been a success, though not to the level that it would reach wit JR as the central character. This is all down to the performance of Larry Haggman, you will struggle to find a finer example of a man who was simply born to play a role. Every time he is on the screen it feels as if the camera, his fellow actors and the audience are drawn towards him. Particularly memorable is the fourth episode of the first season, in which the Ewings are held hostage by two men angered by JR and farm hand Ray Krebbs affairs with €œtheir€ women. JR€™s wife Sue Ellen is forced to dance for their entertainment- with this moment Sue Ellen, who had been a fairly minor character, is immediately fascinating and we get to see a glimpse what the series would truly come to be. This is the first time we see the Ewings suffer for JR€™s arrogant, selfish and megalomaniacal personality. JR would seemingly get his comeuppance multiple times, but no matter how many time he was divorced, shot or lost control of the company you always knew he would strike back. Whether it was his hatred of Pam and Cliff, his numerous affairs or his obsession with being the head of Ewing Oil, JR would screw over anyone, including his own mother to get his way and he would do it all with that iconic smile.
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