7 Unusual Demands Made By Guest Stars On Futurama

That's some serious Futurama drama.

Futurama Al Gore $500 Bill

Futurama is a big hit with some A-list celebrities out there. Known for its whacky storyline and scientific anomalies, the show clearly attracts a certain kind of nerdy viewer, and occasionally they happen to be famous. Of course, when you’re famous, people will bend over backwards for you or even write you into their show.

So who really wanted to time travel through space, and what demands did they have while doing so? In this list, we’ll take a look at some of the guest appearances on the show and what was going on behind the scenes. Whether it be stars who wanted to appear on the show to boost their presidential campaign or stars who wanted to make fun of themselves more, there have been some interesting requests and demands made while recording this hit animated series.

The writers of the show would spend upwards of a year on every episode making sure it was done properly and jam-packed with every pun, inappropriate joke and nerdy reference under the sun. This gave the creators plenty of time to edit and remove bits that not everyone was happy with. Since the show's cancellation in 2015, Matt Groening has revealed that there are hundreds of unreleased episodes. Despite being rarer to find, there has been the occasional upset in the series.

7. Larry Bird Didn't Want To Be A Part Of The Show

Futurama Al Gore $500 Bill

This cameo is so much more hilarious when you know the backstory. The episode follows the story of Leela trying to learn how to pitch for Blurnball. While seeking out the help of Hank Aaron XXIV, who actually did agree to voice his character, the Scooby-Doo spoof episode soon turns to Bird and his recorded message is repeatedly played during his cameo.

One of the funnier entries on the list, this celeb barely spoke a word when recording for the series. His lines were, in fact the same lines just repeated. This is due to the fact that the star never actually agreed to be on the show but rather called the producers and left a voice note which was eventually used to voice the cartoon version of himself.

In the voice note, the basketball player explains how his agent had sent him the script and he’d read through his lines and immediately decided he wanted to be no part of it. He made it very clear that he did not want to be a part of the show. Groening obviously didn’t catch that part of the message and featured the star in the episode.


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