7 Worst Things BoJack Horseman Has Ever Done

Netflix's BoJack has a lot to apologise for.

BoJack Horseman

Bojack, in his own words, is a stupid piece of s**t. He’s done so many awful things, there’s almost too many to count. Almost.

A master of self-destruction, this list takes a look specifically at the damage he’s wrought in other people’s lives. His life seems to be filled with disasters for himself and those he associates with, and the common denominator is always BoJack Horseman. There’s no cure for that.

Though we frequently hear in the show from the likes of BoJack himself and his mother Beatrice that he was ‘born broken’, he does occasionally try and do the right thing. Because of this, incidents like getting Kelsey fired from Secretariat are not included. It did end disastrously, but BoJack’s intentions in helping her make the gritty movie she wanted were pure.

The road to hell is famously paved with good intentions, but considering all the terrible things BoJack has done on purpose, he should have no issues walking there on his own.

7. Stealing Diane's Therapist

BoJack Horseman

BoJack taking himself to therapy is a great thing. He clearly has some issues, not least with his various addictions, and needs the help. However, when he finds out Diane is seeing a therapist, he takes a very different (very BoJack) approach.

He instead goes behind Diane’s back to see her, convincing himself that his sessions are just ‘friendship time’ with the therapist. This would be nowhere near as bad if Diane hadn't begged him not to, or if he had actually kept going to the therapist long-term to heal.

Instead, he ditches the therapist almost immediately. Not until after the therapist says she can no longer see Diane if BoJack being a client upsets her, of course. It’s his justification for doing so which truly makes this terrible though. The therapist advises Diane that after years of working through her issues, she may well be healed enough that therapy is no longer required.

BoJack, seeing himself and Diane as equally broken people, decides it mustn’t be for him either. This is not only indicative of his selfishness and ego. Considering all the pent-up self-loathing he has inside, it shows how little he thinks of Diane too.


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