7 Worst Things BoJack Horseman Has Ever Done

6. Sabotaging Todd's Rock Opera


Way back in episode four, this moment marked BoJack’s first real low; a bar he would continually lower season on season. Because it gives us our first glimpse at BoJack’s true nature and is motivated by pure selifishness, this moment is even worse than when he slept with Todd’s friend Emily.

While he’s a jerk about it, the audience is kind of on BoJack’s side when he dismisses Todd’s rock opera. After all, so far in the show Todd has demonstrated no discernible skills or ambition. Not to mention, it just seems like a stupid idea. But when he accuses BoJack of not paying attention, only for the horse to fire back with stacks of constructive criticism, we start to root for them.

It’s clear that this show has what it takes to succeed too. But then BoJack realises he can’t have that. Success for Todd would mean Todd moving out, leaving him alone. So he plants a video game Todd is addicted to by a cash register, knowing Todd will buy it and stay up all night before his audition.

We at least get our introduction to character actress Margo Martindale, so it’s not all bad.


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