8 Amazing Red Dwarf Details You Never Noticed

You're such a Gwenlan for not knowing about these.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf is an absolute staple of British TV, having been around since 1988. It may have gone through a few format and broadcast changes, but at its heart, it's always been about a crew of lovably inept space-farers.

And like any other sitcom, it's always fun for the eagle-eyed viewer to spot mistakes, contradictions or that old favourite: time travel paradoxes.

Whilst some do get explained in later episodes, or the novels for the seeking extra lore, there are others that can't be swept under the rug.

But it's not just goofs that make it fun to find.

Recognising familiar British TV actors pop up as cameos is a sport, as are the questions that contradict rules established in its own universe.

Just how tangible Rimmer actually is, for one, or why Lister appears to be a medical marvel. Or that old chestnut: why messing around with time travel can lead to some continuity errors.

It may be cold outside with no kind of atmosphere, so why not take this chance to look at some of the finer details, for better or worse, that you missed the first time around.

Given its thirty two year run time, it's hard to keep track of everything that goes on.

8. Lister's Appendix Removed... Twice

Red Dwarf

Continuity has always been an iffy subject aboard Red Dwarf. Considering Lister is his own father, Kryten's accent keeps changing and they've been to many a parallel dimension, it's hard to keep track of things.

So whilst Legion removing Lister's appendix in series six was one of the show's grossest sight gags, it also brought up another one: Lister's already had an appendectomy.

As mentioned in series two episode, Thanks for the Memory, Rimmer states that because he has Lister's memories, he's had his appendix removed twice. Confusing, right?

Numerous theories have tried to explain this: season four's DNA has Lister rebuilt, possibly including his appendix again. Timeslides sees Rimmer rewriting the past and bringing the crew back, whilst the Inquisitor could have also done the same.

Whatever the reason, it would have gone over many a casual viewer's head as just another gag. The problem is us Red Dwarf fans are always looking for a continuity error, especially when there's time travel afoot.

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