8 Cartoons Every Generation Should Grow Up Watching

8. Darkwing Duck

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I knew right away that writing this list would bring an immeasurable amount of nostalgia upon me, but I was wrong. There is more nostalgia than I thought!

Darkwing Duck was a show that I never wanted to watch. I would go to school and kids would ask me if I saw the newest episode, and I hadn't because I wasn't interested. One day it came on and I thought "Why not?", so I just watched the one, and I'm glad I did. If I didn't watch it when I did, then I would have waited for time travel to be invented, travel back in time and force my younger self to watch it. Would that create a paradox? I don't care!

Darkwing Duck is a hilarious show, featuring the titular hero fighting crime. It's a pre-cop show for kids! I'm just kidding, but this show is definitely worth your viewership.


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