8 Craziest TV Fan Theories (That Actually Make Total Sense)

What if...


Part of what makes writing about television on the internet so much fun is that you get to spitball some of the most ridiculous ideas that there have ever been€ and then slowly start to convince people that they might not be so ridiculous after all. It'€™s like an 11pm pub conversation, only anyone can join in. And then there'€™s some people who€™'ve performed above and beyond the call of duty, who €“- like the incredibly geeky conspiracy theorists that they are €“- have freeze-framed DVDs, blown up stills and pulled together seemingly unrelated threads to present to the world, as though sprung fully-formed from the head of Zeus, the looniest theories known to man: all so we don€™t have to.

This self-sacrificing dedication to television geekery is to be commended - no, applauded.

Here are the best of the bunch to date: a countdown of the most insane fan theories about television shows that made us stop, laugh, shake our heads and then go€ hang on€ There are a few spoilers here, for those who care about such things - and no, no St. Elsewhere or Tommy Westphall on the list. He deserves an article all to himself.


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