8 Great Characters Marvel And DC's TV Shows Have Completely Screwed Up

And you thought Batman v Superman's Doomsday looked bad.

Just like superhero movies are arguably better now than ever before, so too are the TV shows. However, while the likes of Daredevil, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow are in many ways outshining Marvel and DC's big screen adaptations, that hasn't always been the case. In fact, even the greatest shows get some of their best characters horribly wrong. While you'd think that a 13 or 22 episode series would take advantage of all that extra time to get the heroes and villains they feature right, they more often than not somehow completely drop the ball and deliver a version of the character who is either nowhere near as good as their comic book counterpart or just handled poorly enough to do some long lasting damage to their legacy. With so many superhero TV shows and almost countless characters in them, singling out the worst of the worst is no easy feat, but that's what you'll find here. Both Marvel and DC are guilty of f***ing up some of their best creations on the small screen, and these are the eight worst examples of those. Some you'll recognise and others you may have been lucky enough to forget, but they're all great characters who haven't been treated anywhere near as well as they deserved to be on the small screen.

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