8 Insane Urban Legends About Famous TV Shows

1. John Ritter's Testicles Were Briefly Visible In An Episode Of Three's Company


If you don't know what it is, Three's Company was an American sitcom that aired for eight seasons on ABC during the late seventies and up to the mid eighties. John Ritter played Jack Tripper, a rather clumsy chef from San Diego.

Despite the fact that the show was popular several decades ago, it wasn't until 2001 that this particular legend began to circulate, after a supposedly eagle-eyed viewer spotted something they probably shouldn't have been able to. Apparently a viewer reported to the MSNBC gossip columnist Jeanette Walls that the episode The Charming Stranger features a scene in which Ritter sits on a bed in incredibly short shorts and briefly flashes viewers his testicles.

Supposedly Nickelodeon €“ who have since been re-airing the episodes €“ even confirmed this, stating €œyes, his scrotum falls out of his shorts€. What's tricky to know, however, is whether or not the episode has since been edited. At present there exists a clips that purports to be un-doctored, but we may never know the real truth about John Ritter's testicles.

Which of these urban legends do you believe? Have we missed your favourite? Let us know down in the comments.

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