8 Luckiest Game Of Thrones Characters

“Seven Blessings.”

Tyrion Blackwater

Next to, maybe, The Walking Dead or the news, Game Of Thrones is the most hopeless ordeal of a TV show you could ever hope to watch. 

Almost 80% of the entire show is just whatever the absolute last thing the character on-screen wants at that exact moment. The remaining 20% is something worse.

Not always though. Some players in this wicked game always seem to come out on top. For some it’s effortless and for others it’s more a comedy of errors. Whether it’s preparation, improvisation, skill or down right durability, some people just always land on their feet.

Fans have rejoiced, laughed and seethed over how charmed these people are in such a terrible environment. A feudal society in turmoil is not the best environment to foster luck but like a wise man once said; “Chaos is a ladder.”

You are cordially invited to curse the names of the eight luckiest people in Game Of Thrones. Just keep in mind that in a land of cut throats, tainted knights and traitors, ‘luck’ is an extremely relative term.

There isn’t a single character that has been spared Martin’s gaze of misfortune, but this is strictly about serendipitous occurrences that have been gifted certain chosen ones.

Let’s face it. We’re surprised some of these people are even still alive.

8. Tyrion

Tyrion Blackwater

What’s that you say? Betrayed by lovers, imprisoned by his father and almost flung off a mountain? How about born rich, let out of jail after a trial he lost and awarded a seat on a queen’s council. Not too shabby eh?

Tyrion Lannister, the awesome one, is extremely good at being in just the wrong place at just the wrong time. Luckily he keeps his mind sharp and his purse full. This is a man who knows how to navigate the most treacherous of environments.

Perhaps his luckiest advantage is how often people underestimate him. His very first disadvantage was being born a dwarf in a cruel world but being the second coming of Lann the Clever, Tyrion has moulded this physical and social handicap to his advantage.

The clever Lion can often get away with speaking out of turn where more conventional looking people may have been shut up for good. He has a formidable mind, but better than anyone in ‘Thrones he has developed the skills to make opportunities to use it.

He uses his money to attract useful people to him and his charisma and wit to keep them loyal. It is no wonder he sits by the side of yet another monarch. It all comes so naturally.


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