8 Luckiest Game Of Thrones Characters

7. Bronn

Tyrion Blackwater

A wayward sell-sword is always going to run into trouble. They have to or they can’t make any money! Bronn enters our little drama as Cat Stark calls upon her father and husbands’ banner men to arrest the first man on our list, Tyrion.

Given the rising tensions at the time, it is possible that the natural born killer was headed to the North in hopes of picking up a job or two. What he found was steady work for a high paying client. In Tyrion’s employ he has been the leader of the city watch, Knighted and when his employer was on trial for regicide he was payed off with a wife and a keep.

As lucky as Tyrion is, Bronn has even managed to profit from situations where team Tyrion’s stock was in the toilet. More recently the silver tongued, angel voiced cut-throat lucked out when he unwittingly turned murder by poisoning to a very good reason to visit Dorne.

This is a man who has learned the hard way that you have to look out for yourself and capitalize on any situation. Opportunists like these exhibit a great deal of luck simply because they take control of their destiny. Bronn is a keen and brutal guy. We’re unlikely to see him in a jam he can’t get out of.


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