8 Mysteries From DS9 And Voyager That Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Should Answer

8. What Happened To The Crew(s)?

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The the most obvious questions Star Trek: Picard can answer are what happened to the characters we know and love from TNG, DS9, and Voyager. So far it has dropped us in on some of The Next Gen crew (Riker and Troi) and will undoubtedly give us appearances from the others as the show goes on. That's a given.

But what about the crews from DS9 and Voyager?

Well, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, more than any other Star Trek series, did its best to wrap up its characters' arcs and move them on in life in a satisfying way that doesn't really need much follow up. Colonel Kira, Doctor Bashir, Ezri Dax, Quark, Kassidy, Jake, and Nog all stayed on the station. Chief O'Brien left for Earth with his family. Odo rejoined the Great Link. Worf briefly moved to Qo'noS to be an ambassador before returning to the Enterprise-E sometime before Star Trek Nemesis. And Captain Sisko made the ultimate sacrifice fighting the evil Pah Wraiths and Gul Dukat, and now lives with the Prophets in the Celestial Temple. Pretty much done.

Star Trek: Voyager, on the other hand, left us hanging. There's a whole other conversation to be had about the merits of the way the series ended in "Endgame", but Voyager's final scene cuts away just as the crew makes it back to Earth. We don't even get to see them set foot on land.

Star Trek: Picard has graciously given us Seven of Nine as a recurring character and filled in her backstory quite a bit. And it also provided us closure for Icheb (RIP). Star Trek Nemesis gave us a glimpse of Captain (now Admiral) Janeway. But what happened to the others? Did Chakotay die like he did in the dark alternate future seen in "Endgame"? Is the Doctor still online and, if so, did he ever settle on a name? Are B'Elanna and Tom still married (probably not)? Most importantly, did Harry Kim ever get a promotion or is he now Starfleet's oldest serving ensign?

Yeah it would've made the world feel a little smaller, but just imagine if it was Admiral Janeway F-bombing her way through Star Trek: Picard season one. That might just happen in season two.


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