8 Obscure Sci-Fi TV Classics You Need To Watch Right Now

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The prisoner 1967

Who doesn't love being transported across the universe throughout time and space with a good piece of sci-fi television?

Science fiction shows such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars have dominated television and film screens for decades now, and for good reason. The big names never fail to give us a healthy dose of entertainment along with kooky monsters, crazy spaceships and mind bending science. We've all spend countless days in front of the TV, binging endless amounts of our preferred sci-fi jaunts, and discussing fan theories behind our favourite characters.

But behind the big names there are several shows, that although may not be familiar, include concepts and storytelling so unique and fascinating that they can easily go toe to toe with any of the larger franchises and provide another mystical world to become immersed in.

Some involving futuristic prisons, tyrannical rulers of the universe, and future intergalactic wars, these shows will prove that below the surface of popular science fiction, there exists some true gems.

These are the best obscure sci-fi shows you'll be up until 2am obsessing over with healthy amounts of fan fiction. Rest assured this list is also spoiler free.

8. Red Dwarf - 1988

The prisoner 1967

First broadcast in 1988, Red Dwarf proved that you could create a show which functions both as an intricate sci-fi with incredible world building and concepts and also a hilarious comedy. The show follows the adventures of Dave Lister, who is unfortunate enough to be the last man alive in the universe stranded three million years away from earth.

The only company aboard his ship, the Red Dwarf, is the ship's computer Holly, along with a hologram version of his much hated and despised room mate Arnold Rimmer. Lister is also accompanied by the service robot Kryten and Cat, the survivor who evolved into almost humanoid form from Lister's pet cat.

Red Dwarf is totally unique as both a comedy and sci-fi, as it manages to find humour and joy in the bleak grimness of being trapped alone in the universe.

Some of the futuristic science elements are also highly fascinating, such as virtual reality, time travel, parallel universes, and a universe where time runs backwards. As well as being incredibly interesting, these elements are dealt with in a grim yet hilarious way in true Red Dwarf fashion.

No matter your preference for genre, Red Dwarf is guaranteed to give you a good laugh and leave you scratching your head pondering the science afterwards.

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