8 Most Shockingly Overpaid BBC Presenters

And to think: they could use that cash to make another series of Coming of Age.

One common criticism associated with people in the media is that they get "paid too much." It's difficult to work out how much is "too much," of course, because there's no way to accurately decide whether somebody is getting more money than they deserve for performing a job or task. Still, most people generally seem to think that footballers are overpaid for what they do - and the same goes for a lot of the people at the BBC, too, apparently. Which brings us to this article: the salaries listed within are all sourced for accuracy from The Sun Newspaper, page 25 on the 16th January 2014. The numbers may seem shocking, but this is what the BBC talent roster really are getting paid - in some cases for a few hours graft a week. Payments like this are already causing everyday cash strapped Brits to grumble, and the halls of Westminster are also taking note:
"This suggests that, far from the BBC being strapped for cash, money is no object," - Philip Davies, MP
It's a matter of opinion, of course, so read on and decide for yourself as WhatCulture details the 8 most shockingly overpaid presenters currently working at the BBC...
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