8 Most Shockingly Overpaid BBC Presenters

8. Fiona Bruce - £500,000 A Year - Antiques Roadshow/ BBC News The face of BBC News since 1999, it's now 2014 - is the charmless Bruce not a bit outdated nowadays? She is by no means bad at her job, of course, but she seems to be just going through the motions. She also presents Antiques Roadshow, a more fitting brand for her appeal, perhaps. Ultimately, the real issue is this - no matter how good the news presenter is, a half a million pounds isn't fitting of the workload. Does Bruce really deserve to earn in one month what a teacher earns in a year, simply for sitting there and reading the teleprompter? If I was managing this division, I would be far less wasteful, bringing in an equally able talent who would just be happy of the opportunity, doing the job for at least half of that 500k figure. Let's not undersell Bruce. She works hard, and puts considerable time into her job, I'm sure of it. The real problem is the people who decided that this was an appropriate figure to compensate her efforts.
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