8 Shows To Fill That Mr. Robot Shaped Hole In Your Life

The time's come to say goodbye, friend, but it's a good a time to say hello to some new ones.

Channel 4

Hello, friend. Okay, okay, that was lame, but how else would you open this? So that's that. Mr. Robot is over and it honestly feels like the end of an era, but at least it'll go down as one of the defining shows of the decade, slickly evolving over its four years on air from paranoid techno-thriller to a poignant meditation on trauma and the ramifications of it.

Sure there were some slip ups along the way. We're looking at you in particular, Season 2. And, for fear of spoilers, we'll just say this: blue light? The hell was that? But, come on, every show slips up here and there and, and big picture, those little gripes don't really detract from what amounted to a truly phenomenal show and now we're all left feeling a little empty, aren't we?

But don't despair, beautiful people. I'm here to tell you that all is not lost. There are a multitude of shows out there that will break your mind, break your heart, and drop your jaw just like Mr. Robot did, but for brevity's sake we picked eight of the best.


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