8 Stars Of The New Broadchurch That You'll Know From Doctor Who

Familiar faces in the return of ITV's drama.

ITV's hit drama series Broadchurch has returned to our screens for its highly anticipated second series and for Doctor Who fans it's a particularly exciting occasion because it means they'll get to see more from some of their favourite actors who have previously left their mark on the Doctor's adventures. The most obvious is, of course, David Tennant, who apparently wasn't content with becoming a household name for his portrayal of one of British TV's most iconic roles so he's gone and taken over another one as well. The Tenth Doctor star plays DI Alec Hardy in the series and its phenomenal success even paved the way for his involvement in Fox's short lived US remake, Gracepoint, which premiered earlier this year. Now he's back in sunny Dorset to unravel another mystery alongside an array of other familiar faces who will also be recognised by Doctor Who fans for their respective liaisons with the Time Lord. Here's a list containing 8 of Broadchurch's Series 2 stars who you'll definitely have seen before. Some of them will be more recognisable than others and there are a couple who you might know have been involved in Doctor Who at all. Either way, it will give you something to look out for. On a related side note, there is also another link that connects the Doctor Who universe with Broadchurch. Its creator and head writer, Chris Chibnall, has written various Doctor Who episodes over the years and he also co-produced and wrote for Torchwood throughout the spin off's first two series. Meanwhile, Broadchurch's directors, James Strong and Euros Lyn, have both helmed their share of Whoniverse adventures in the past so they're definitely working with the best. Now all the trivia tidbits are out the way, let's begin!

Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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