8 Things Fans Actually Wanted From Game Of Thrones Season 8

8. The Three-Eyed Raven Should Have Had A Purpose.


There isn’t much doubt that Bran’s story was one of the least engaging of the entire show, to the point that he was missing from a whole season without it making much of a difference. Yet viewers waited patiently, knowing that one day his story would be worth it.

The Three-Eyed Raven could see across Westeros, be it in years to come or decades in the past. He was the literal memory of the world. Oh, and he could warg into animals. So, it is a wonder that Bran only used his newfound abilities to inform people of lineages and sit as bait for the Night King.

Through Bran’s hands-off approach to time and evolving scenarios, he became more of a spectator than an influencer, which lead to a complete lack of compassion towards the character.

Whether he warged into a dragon or influenced a character through time – similar to that of Hodor – Bran’s abilities opened up a variety of potential that could have sent shock waves through the show. Instead, we got what felt like it had all been for nothing.


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