8 Things Fans Actually Wanted From Game Of Thrones Season 8

7. A Better King For Westeros

Game of Thrones Daenerys

Whether it would be predictable or clichéd for Ned Stark’s bastard to be crowned King, Jon Snow’s fate felt all too desolate as he was cast out to the North. Despite his unflinching devotion to his people, and proof time over that he would have been a fair and just King, he wasn’t even in considered for the Throne. Instead that title fell on the dull and straight-faced Brandon Stark – or the mythical Three-Eyed Raven.

There is an irony in the fact that Brandon, being the only person uninterested in the Throne, is the one that gets to sit in it. Yet with his complete disconnect from human life and a “what will come, will come” approach to it, Brandon would unlikely be the King that would do all he could for his people.

Whereas on the other hand, Jon had shown countlessly that he would do anything for his people. Someone that died for his morals and put his life on the line for the greater good. No doubt, Jon’s ending would have been one he was happy with, as he marches off to the North with his true people. Yet, being cast aside, without so much as an utterance of his opinion on the matter, felt like an undeserving end, resulting in an undeserving King.


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