8 Things To Expect From The Flash's Crossover With Supergirl

8. No Longer The Need For A Faceless Hero

Given some of the early gripes with Supergirl as a show were how it seemed to regularly place itself in the caped shadow of a certain Man of Steel, the appearance of The Flash means that Kara now no longer needs to rely on a faceless hero whenever she needs some advice or a bit of reassurance. At this stage, Supergirl has had to carefully dance around actually showing Superman on-screen, instead relying on sun-covered glances, blowing capes, and MSN Messenger-style conversations between Kara and her cousin. With The Flash now a part of Supergirl€™s world, this could and should serve as a way for the show to not have to rely on the ominous presence of the Last Son of Krypton.

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