8 Things To Expect From The Flash's Crossover With Supergirl

7. Aliens Head To The CW

The current incarnation of The CW€™s DC realm began with Arrow: a grounded-in-reality, gritty, dirty show that saw an often dour-faced Oliver Queen mercilessly hunting down those who had failed his city. When looking at the landscape of things then in comparison to where things are now €“ with a shared universe that has the Emerald Archer joined by The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow €“ things are vastly different. This is a world that, with the introduction of meta-humans, means all bets are off. Flying, superspeed, giant man-sharks, weather-controlling sorts, chemical-based powers, and a whole host more are now commonplace in the world. So, is the next step to involve the concept of aliens in Central or Star City? Now that Supergirl exists in the same world as Barry Allen and Oliver Queen, and with the Maid of Might herself being an alien, not to mention the whole raft of other species already glimpsed in Melissa Benoist€™s show, that means that an alien menace tangling with the Master Bowman or Sultan of Speed all of a sudden becomes a very realistic possibility.

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