8 Things We Want To See In The Expanse Season 6 (From A Non-Book Reader)

It would be awesome to see Jared Harris return to the show for one last time!

The Expanse Season 5
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With the fifth season of The Expanse wrapping up recently and positioning a whole assortment of new ideas for what will be the show's final season, there are a number of loose ends and things that must be addressed and handled before we say goodbye to the Rocinante for the final time.

With Marco Inaros and his Free Navy travelling through the Ring Gates and the ever looming extra-solar threat coming to the forefront, there's a lot for the showrunners to get to in a limited number of episodes.

Now, of course The Expanse is based on the series of books written by James S. A. Corey, so avid readers will have a good idea of what to expect as the show draws to a close. This list, however, is being comprised with zero knowledge of future books so you needn't worry about potential spoilers, likewise if you're a book reader you should get a good kick out of how accurate or how far off these entries may be.

It's a complicated show with a lot going on so not all of these entries will be narrative based, some will be more logistical, but all will be aspirations for the final season to cover in some way or another.

8. Acknowledgement Of Alex

The Expanse Season 5
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Cas Anvar had a rather dishonourable exit from The Expanse after allegations of misconduct were brought forward against him (although it was never made expressly clear if Anvar's departure was already planned to be the fifth season but it seems doubtful). This resulted in an incredibly lacklustre death for his character Alex Kamal who died of a stroke practically off screen.

The crew of the Roci did react to Alex's demise but it was very understated and Holden seemed more broken up by Fred Johnson's death a few episodes prior. Just because the actor has a tarnished reputation doesn't mean that the character deserves to be swept under the rug.

The Roci is yet to fully tackle Alex's passing and a proper acknowledgement of his death from the crew feels right in the final season. For someone who has been around since the start of the show, fans will miss Alex's presence in the final episodes so it makes sense to give the character a couple nods in Season Six.

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