8 Times American Horror Story Went Too Far

AHS is known for being controversial - but these moments remind you just how bad it can be!

American Horror Story Murder House Piggy Piggy Violet Harmon

American Horror Story has never shied away from difficult to tackle and taboo issues, which is why so many of its repeat audience members love it so much. Hailing it for addressing these topics is something viewers are quick to do, but there have been some very questionable moments over the show's ten seasons that simply do not sit well with even the most seasoned AHS fan.

Many of these moments take place up to and including the seventh season, as the more recent seasons are somewhat tame in comparison to their predecessors.

From graphic depictions of rape and murder, all the way to historically insensitive topics that should have stayed in the past, there is certainly more than one bone to pick with series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Their loose and somewhat uncaring explanations behind many of their creative decisions plot-wise keep you second guessing whether or not they see their choices as artistic or just are incapable of providing apt apologies to their main target audiences.

Either way, take a look at these moments and see if you agree!

8. Violet's Corpse - Murder House

American Horror Story Murder House Piggy Piggy Violet Harmon

Violet Harmon has a doomed storyline from the get-go, and this is solidified when she becomes entangled romantically with troubled teen, Tate Langdon. She is the daughter of Vivienne and Ben Harmon who are the most recent occupants of the aptly dubbed "Murder House", which is what this very first season of American Horror Story is focused on.

Much of Violet's own character arc is a difficult-to-watch downward spiral, with simply no sign that she will get out of her deep depression. It's an upsetting thing to witness, especially as it can be so relatable for many people watching it who also experienced periods of hardship during their own teenage years. After attempting (and succeeding) to take her own life, her boyfriend Tate shows the new unaware 'ghost Violet' where he stored her corpse, and this revelation is completely unexpected for the audience, as it also was for Violet.

Evidently, the corpse had been there for a considerable amount of time, and therefore had begun to decompose and is covered in flies. It is a harrowing depiction of a dead body, and one that is arguably a bit too realistic.


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