8 Times Doctor Who Actors Played Characters That Destroyed Your Soul

8. Sheridan Smith In Hysteria

Sheridan Smith is one of Britain's most popular talents and her name is one that fans and critics alike are continuously putting forward for the coveted role of the Doctor's next televisual companion. Hell, at one point she was even in the running to play the titular Time Lord himself when Matt Smith announced his departure but if you're unfamiliar with the worlds of Big Finish then you'd be forgiven for not knowing that she's already left her mark on the Whoniverse. Well, you wouldn't be forgiven for not knowing that per se, because what exactly are you doing with your spare time if you're not listening to the ever growing range of tie in audio adventures? Anyway, for those of you who shamelessly aren't aware, Sheridan lent her voice to the Eighth Doctor's feisty companion Lucie Miller and she was a bloody good one at that, too. What's more, she's even officially canon now (if there was ever any doubt) after Paul McGann mentioned her on screen in The Night of the Doctor. So there you go. Lucie Miller, for the win! As a BAFTA award-winning actress and recent OBE recipient for her services to drama on the stage and screen, Sheridan has a plethora of versatile performances to her name but Big Finish listeners - especially the younger ones - are advised to avoid her raunchy bit part in Hysteria because it might just tarnish Lucie's image forevermore. Sheridan plays prostitute-come-maid 'Molly the Lolly' in the 2011 comedy and she's tragically underused apart from one particularly memorable - *ahem* - scene in which her character screams with satisfaction as she experiences a 3 and a half minute long orgasm (above). The film does document the invention of the vibrator, though, so it is isn't completely out of place. Imagine... The film ultimately didn't create as much of a buzz - again, *ahem* - as it probably should have but at least Sheridan had a good time. What would the Doctor say!?
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