8 True Blood Characters Who Deserved A Better Ending

Characters who deserved so much more from their parting shots.

The finale of True Blood was rather fan-divisive. Some loved it; most loathed it. The general consensus seems to be that the fans and critics aren€™t too pleased that a €œhappily ever after€ scenario played out, especially since this show has been dripping in blood, sex and gore for seven years. To most, the €œhappily ever after€ that the characters received doesn't work as a justifiable narrative ending for these characters. The closure wasn't enough; it appears as though a lot of the fans wanted the show to end bloodier, and they wanted more characters to die. Some characters throughout True Blood€™s run received the perfect ending. Sookie, for example, ended up married and pregnant to an unseen bachelor. Fans still weren€™t happy, however, that they didn€™t get to see her new beau€™s face, but it wasn€™t wholly necessary to show it. What was important was that she ended up happily human; his identity wasn€™t important. Lettie Mae received closure from her departed daughter; Holly and Andy probably got married; and Arlene got over her prejudice to fall for a vampire. And then some characters didn€™t get a decent enough ending at all. We€™ve listed some characters below who deserved so much more from their parting shots, but who unfortunately were served poor closing material.
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