8 TV Finales So Bad They Wiped Shows From Existence

Nothing removes a show from the conversation of TV history like a terrible finale.


Getting invested in a TV series can be a rough experience. Even in this era of binge watch, streaming TV culture, you find yourself glued to the weekly release of new episodes, over-analyzing every detail the next day with friends. Or live Tweeting it and complaining the entire time.

The worst part of getting invested in a TV series is when it has a terrible final episode. There's an anti climactic feeling that can never sketch because that's the end of it. Finito. The people making the series can't go back and fix any of the mistakes in the finale because there are no more chances to fix it. That last, bad episode is the only taste left in your mouth after investing your time in a series.

It's unfortunate when a show becomes memorable for it's bad finale.


8. Duckman (1994 To 1997)

The long forgotten animated series starred Jason Alexander as the voice of private investigator Eric T. Duckman, an anthropomorphic duck. A widower and a father, Duckman is a lewd, selfish individual who his mostly terrible at his job. It is one of the greatest black comedy animated series ever to air on the USA Network. It also had one of the worst series finales of all time.

The final episode featured several couples getting married, including Duckman to his deceased wife's sister. During the service, his supposedly deceased wife reappears. Duckman's detective partner reveals that he knew she was alive the whole time and the episode ends, as does the series. That was a brutal cliffhanger to end on.


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