8 TV Love Triangles That Worked (And 3 That Didn't)

7. Liz, Max & Tess - Roswell

Roswell Love Triangle
The WB

Waitress Liz Parker and Roswell's resident alien Max Evans were one of TV's first golden teen couples, and viewers couldn't get enough of their chemistry. Much of the Roswell's first season teased the audience with said chemistry, refusing to put Max and Liz together until rather late on. When the two characters finally did embrace their feelings, however, Max discovered himself being drawn to fellow alien Tess in a way that was more than sexual.

In an excellent twist, it was revealed that Tess was actually Max's alien soulmate, and he was destined to be with her, leaving Liz with no choice but to let him go. Of course, it wasn't that simple, as Max refused to let a little something like destiny stop him from being with his real one true love. Again, this storyline was expertly executed and led to what would become one of the greatest love triangles in television history.

The idea that destiny was stopping the two characters from being together was genius, and it added a whole other level to their romance - something akin to Romeo and Juliet. They became star-crossed lovers, fighting to hold onto their forbidden romance.


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