8 TV Moments That Didn't Live Up To The Hype

Yup, THAT was the explanation.

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Television series tend to capture the attention of their viewers, such that more attention paid to everything that happens than in other forms of entertainment. Watching a character evolve over the course of multiple seasons makes for an emotional investment in what happens to them.

Because of this, viewers tend to get a little crazy when anything happens out of the norm to a beloved character or television series. Networks know this all too well, so it's not uncommon for them to promote something coming in a future episode or season to get the audience's attention.

Hyping a character death or new introduction can get the fans on the edges of their seats, but it doesn't always work out. Occasionally, a network will hype up the significance of something coming on the horizon only to see it fall flat and anger the audience they hoped to entertain.

Hyping up a cliffhanger or series finale may get the fans excited about their favorite show, but when that reveal doesn't live up to the hype, it can lead to rage-quitting the series altogether. These ten TV moments were certainly hyped up by their networks, but in the end, they didn't live up to expectations.

8. The Series Finale Of The Sopranos

lost tv show

One of the most significant challenges any television series has is coming up with a conclusion that won't anger or disappoint fans. It's not an easy thing to do — especially when it concerns a show with a large cast of intriguing characters. M*A*S*H managed to end with an amazing episode, but it set the bar incredibly high.

Many shows fail to meet expectations, nor do they deserve the hype they receive leading up to their finale. One of the biggest series to face that problem was The Sopranos. The show was all about the New Jersey Mafia, it's de facto Don, and his ongoing therapy.

Granted, that's oversimplifying one of the greatest series to ever air on television, but that's The Sopranos in a nutshell. When it came time for the program to end, the finale episode was promoted like crazy by HBO.

"Made in America," closed out the sixth, and final season, and it ended up pissing off a lot of fans. It concludes with the main characters sitting around a table in a diner. As the music plays and shady characters come into the restaurant, it looks as if something's going to happen.

Unfortunately, right when it looks like there might be some action, the scene cuts to black. Viewers around the world thought there was something wrong with their cable, but no. The Sopranos ended with a cut to black, and that's it. Fans were not pleased.

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