8 TV Show Reboots You Didn't Know Were In The Works

8. Roswell, New Mexico

The WB

The Original: Based on the young adult book series, Roswell (also known as Roswell High in the UK) originally debuted in 1999, and followed high school student Liz Parker, a curious teen who investigates a mysterious alien after he saves her life from a gunshot wound.

The show was very "teen soap-opera-y" (not too far removed from most YA fiction we see today), and was eventually cancelled after three disappointing (ratings-wise) seasons.

The Reboot: Now titled Roswell, New Mexico, the reboot is set to air sometime during the 2018-2019 TV season on The CW.

The extra-terrestrial element will remain intact (as will the small-town soap opera angle), but this time, the show is attempting to be more of a societal commentary, with Liz's parents being undocumented immigrants and the emergence of an alien "outsider" who threatens to disturb the peace no doubt playing into this as well.


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