8 TV Shows We Already Know Are Coming To An End In 2014

Nothing can last forever...

Nothing can last forever. No matter how many times you rewatch a show on Netflix, eventually you are going to run out of episodes. If you're an avid fan of a television program that's going to end it's better to know early so you can mentally prepare for it, rather than have the show be taken away from you in an unsuspected cancellation. This list is comprised of shows that are definitely coming to a close in 2014. Will there be anything as devastating and shocking as the conclusion to AMC's Breaking Bad? Probably not. Will there be a sitcom that has probably overstayed its welcome and stretched out its comedic premise a bit too far? You bet. 2014 is shaping up to be another banner year for television across the board, and maybe the finales of the upcoming shows will lead to bigger and better things coming out in the future. Just a quick note, this list is comprised exclusively of shows that are going to end in this calendar year and not simply for shows whose final episodes or cancellations have already been announced. That means, for example, that Mad Men won't be on this list because even though it only has one season left, like Breaking Bad it is airing its final season in two parts concluding in 2015. Sometimes it's sad to see a show go, sometimes it is that show's time. But either way, here is the list of shows ending in 2014.

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