8 TV Shows That Are About To Become Movies

Luther is heading to the big screen.

Luther 4

Comic-books. Video games. Novels. Emojis. Hollywood loves to plunder the depths of absolutely everything on the planet in search of recognisable properties to turn into films, and your favourite TV shows are no exception.

A popular small-screen series has already done all the hard work in terms of attracting a loyal fanbase, and since TV projects tend to have quite restrictive budgets (at least when compared to your average blockbuster), they have to rely on great central hooks and compelling characters - rather than mere spectacle - to draw in an audience.

These traits can make practically any TV show an excellent foundation for a cinematic feature - Mission Impossible, The Fugitive, 21 Jump Street and Serenity all have small-screen roots - so unsurprisingly, there are several movies on the horizon looking to produce a killer adaptation that does the original show justice.

From older series that are being reinvigorated for modern audiences, to more contemporary programmes looking to take their success to the next level, some of the most famous TV shows around are about to scale up in a major way.

8. Dora The Explorer

Luther 4
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Considering that the insanely popular TV show has been around for almost two decades at this point, it's surprising that it's taken this long for Dora The Explorer to get the big-screen treatment.

The 2019 movie will turn the animated show into a live-action blockbuster, with Muppets Most Wanted and Alice Through The Looking Glass director James Bobin at the helm, and the likes of Eva Longoria (Dora's mother), Benicio Del Toro (the villainous Swiper, a fox) and Michael Peña (Dora's father) making up the cast.

The film will also age-up the main character, with Dora - who is seven years old in the show - now a high-school student investigating a lost Inca civilization. Characters like her monkey friend Boots will also be involved, and with filming having wrapped in early December, it shouldn't be too long before we see some official footage.

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