8 TV Shows That Are About To Become Movies

7. Fantasy Island

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The concept at the core of Fantasy Island is a terrific one, so it's not surprising to learn that horror movie aficionados Blumhouse have set about turning it into a feature film. The show originally aired in the late '70s and followed Mr. Roarke, the overlord of a small island, who promises to fulfil the fantasies of his guests - for a price.

These fantasies ranged from simple wishes like wanting to be more attractive, to darker plights, like avenging a murdered family member. But more often than not, things were not so straightforward, and the island's guests would leave with a completely different outlook on life, forever changed by the events of the episode.

Michael Peña has been cast as Mr. Roarke, with Truth Or Dare director Jeff Wadlow calling the shots - and a release date has been set for February 2020. Since Blumhouse horror movies are usually of a high quality (Happy Death Day, Split, Halloween) there's a good chance they'll have another hit on their hands with this one.

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