8 TV Shows That Should've Stopped At Season One

6. Heroes

Westworld Anthony Hopkins Dr Ford

Heroes was the show that was going to change television. When the first season landed back in 2006, it was a true phenomenon. A fanbase sprang up almost overnight. Critics went wild, with the American Film Institute declaring it one of the ten best television shows of the year.

Creator Tim Kring originally wanted the show to have a changing cast and function more like an anthology series, but he changed his mind after the runaway success of the initial episodes. It’s safe to say that he should have stuck to his guns.

While series two isn’t awful, it’s a very noticeable step down from the first. And series three and four just get worse by the episode. What started out as an enjoyable show with an intriguing premise and fun characters becomes an annoying slog that gets far too bogged down in its own continuity to be enjoyable anymore.

If they had stopped at episode twenty-three, Heroes could have been remembered as one of the greatest pieces of television of all time. As it is, it’s just remembered as one of the most disappointing.


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